Patio Cleaning Bolton

We Carry Out our Patio Cleaning Services on Pattern Imprinted Concrete, Indian stone, Yorkshire stone, Sandstone flagging or even Block paving.

The patio cleaning process varies depending on the type of patio surface as different surfaces require various forms of treatment.
Flat surfaces can be cleaned utilising our flat surface rotary cleaners which rotate applying water at high pressure beneath the rotary pressure cleaning system. This system cannot be used when cleaning hard to access areas where there are steps, narrow areas of a patio, vertical areas, garden walls or raised beds around edges. Therefore we use turbo-booster jet wash machinery, which is a commercial piece of equipment used by professionals used for commercial and industrial cleaning applications. .

We use a range of Nozzle Jet sizes and the correct surface cleaner attachments to control the water flow which enables us to remove the most awkward of stains even on delicate paving.

We also offer the following services :

Weeding Patios
Cleaning Patios
Sanding Patios
Sealing Patios
Sealing Patios
Sealing Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patios

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