Decking Cleaning Bolton

We clean wood decking making it look like new, utilising high pressure washing systems without damaging the surface or splintering the timber surface. We offer a timber decking cleaning service using modern pressure washing equipment to ensure your patio and garden decking receive a thorough clean surface, reviving and enhancing the appearance of your garden area.

Our fully insured pressure washing service specialises in wood decking cleaning. We restore your timber decking area firstly by cleaning the area removing moss, algae and/or biological decay, additionally after cleaning the surface we treat the area using either paints, varnishes or wax dependent on the type of timber requiring treatment, resulting in a long lasting and durable surface.

Wood decking loses its original colour over time as ultra violet rays from the sun take their toll on the timber. Just pressure cleaning your timber deck will not rectify this and is only a short term solution, therefore treating the timber decking surface after cleaning is highly recommended.

Power Washing Bolton have the professional expertise to pressure wash your decking without causing any damage to the surface. We only use enough pressure to clean the wood without destroying the wood fibres on the surface and treating the surface after the clean process.

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